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Waste Management For Retailers

Waste Management For Retailers

The increase in restaurants saying no to plastic straws, along with efforts from retailers to cut down on the use of
single use plastics, sees South Africa’s war on plastic resonating with consumers.

Tax statistics for 2017/18 published by SARS at the end of 2018 revealed that revenue brought in by the sale of plastic bags via the plastic bags levy increased by R9 million to R242 million for the year. Although tax collection was up, the actual number of plastic bags sold was down substantially, when one considers the plastic bag levy increased from 8 cents per bag in 2016/17 to 12 cents per bag in 2017/18.

In 2018 the number of bags sold was just over 2 billion, down from the 2.9 billion sold in 2016/17. 2004 Saw the South African government implement a levy on plastic bags, as a way to combat the growing plastic pollution in large
metro areas. Launched at 3 cents a bag for some plastic bags, the levy was later increased to 4 cents a bag from April 2009 and in the same month of 2013 to 6 cents a bag. The plastic bag levy stands at 8 cents a bag from April 2016.

The war on plastic sees retailers in South Africa implementing various strategies to reduce their waste. Woolworths has committed to be rid of single-use plastic bags by 2020, giving the group a timeline to wean shoppers off of ‘wasteful’ plastics and put them on to something more environmentally friendly.

Pick n Pay introduced blue recyclable plastic carrier bags made from 100% recycled material into all stores nationally.

These are a few tips waste management for retailers.

Start Recycling

Make it a point to offer and promote products made from recycled materials in-store. Partner with companies that value waste management at the core of their business, i.e. reduce and recycle.

Out With Single Use Plastic

If possible, explore other avenues and switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as paper and fabric bags and boxes.

Research And Planning

Compare the cost and services provided by waste companies. Retailers can also partake in waste exhange schemes. Analysing one’s sales patterns can help avoid over ordering.

Waste management done thoroughly could save one money and help the planet.

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