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Tips to hire the perfect retail store manager

Tips to hire the perfect retail store manager

A retail store manager’s job has never been easy. But store managers in non-essential verticals face a new set of challenges.

Consumers are finally returning to spending time with the brands they know and trust, but accommodating customers in the new retail normal can be a complicated proposition.

From overseeing sanitization procedures and face mask usage to updating store hours to reflect evolving regulations, it’s a challenging time to be a retail store manager. Yet it’s an even more challenging time to recruit and train the right person for the job.

Here are a handful of actionable tips to help business owners recruit the perfect retail store manager:

• Qualifications of a retail store manager

Choose a store manager that sets a positive precedent for the rest of the staff. Be judicious in the interviewing process because the person at the helm of the ship (in this case, the store manager) sets the course for the rest of the crew. As for how long they’ve been working in retail? A good guideline is 2-3 years of experience at one’s own store, or in a similar vertical with a history of excellence. 

• The skills they need

Great communication skills, an eye for store layout, comfortable enforcing sanitization protocols and intermediate math skills to handle store finances are some of the lesser-sought assets to seek out when hiring a store manager. 

• How to find the best manager

It’s always best to promote from within, but when it isn’t possible to promote internally (and it often isn’t in the retail industry), job boards such as Indeed, are great places to search for top-tier retail talent.

Promoting an internal candidate is less expensive than looking for someone new and it gives existing retail employees something to strive for. It can cause jealousy and resentment if done incorrectly, however, so let’s go over a few quick tips to make it a seamless process: 

– The candidate one chooses should always properly implement the feedback they receive in their biannual review.  

– Seniority is a factor, but it’s not a standalone. The candidate should also be shining example of proper behavior on the sales floor. 

– The person promoted needs to be respected by their peers within the company. 

– Be transparent about the selection process and offer room for feedback before the final decision is made.

• Set benchmarks for ongoing excellence

It is way too easy just to hire a retail store manager and let them have at it, but regular check-ins are the key to ongoing professional success. 

They keep managers goal-oriented and reinforce concepts such as values, updates, strategies, that can get lost in the fray of their daily duties.

Create measurable, reasonable goals and set a check-in schedule with reward incentives to ensure the candidate continues their top-notch performance well after the hiring process is complete! 


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