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Shoppers Urged To Recycle

Shoppers Urged To Recycle

The Shoprite Group has announced that it will be rewarding customers for using their recently introduced “planet” bags in both Shoprite and Checkers stores.

The group is the only national retailer with a verified 100% recycled shopping bag. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, the bigger and stronger planet bags retail for R3 each, but every time a customer reuses the bag, they get 50c off their grocery purchase.

The bags will last longer and for many more shopping trips due to its 70 microns (compared to 24 microns for standard 24l plastic bags). Rewarding customers for reusing bags is a critical part of the group’s efforts to change consumer behaviour and reduce their impact on the environment.

In 2013 the Shoprite Group became the first South African retailer to introduce recycled and recyclable plastic shopping bags in its Checkers stores. Today these are available at all Checkers, Shoprite and Usave stores nationally. In 2018 the group sold 700 million plastic bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, diverting 7 000 tons of plastic from landfill.

With an estimated 2 million bags thrown away every minute globally, and with just five percent of people re-using their shopping bags, the Shoprite Group is committed to cleaning up the planet while creating new consumer behaviour and saving customers money.

Frequent shoppers will  benefit as the bag will pay for itself and in six uses, one will have the bag for life. This elevates the issue of pollution and plastic waste today. The carbon footprint will be considerably less. In this way both man and the planet wins. The Group has a zero waste-to-landfill approach and is committed to reducingwaste in its operations.

Some examples of the Group’s recycling efforts include the recycling of 3 225 tons of plastic and 26 859 tons of cardboard and white paper. The Group also used recyclable material in almost 60% of the packaging used for fruit and vegetables including punnets, trays, bags, pockets and cartons. Lastly, the Group introduced fully biodegradable and compostable avo containers for all of its Ripe & Ready avo punnets — the first South African retailer to do so.

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