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Sappi Valida brings natural cellulose advantages to responsible, eco-friendly hand sanitiser formulation

Sappi Valida brings natural cellulose advantages to responsible, eco-friendly hand sanitiser formulation

As the world emerges from various states of COVID-19 lockdown and the ‘new normal’ still presents many unknowns, one thing one can know for sure is that it is imperative to adhere to stringent hygienic measures. 

At Sappi, they are very cognisant of the impact that the daily use of hygiene products can have on consumers’ skin and the environment. With the significant increase in consumption of hand sanitisers, they are excited to introduce Sappi’s Valida natural cellulose product for the formulation of more skin-and planet-friendly solutions. 

Valida is a highly fibrillated cellulose manufactured by Sappi. Derived from woodfibre, it is a 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable material. Valida can successfully perform as an opacifier and thickener in sanitising gels, providing a natural alternative for acrylate-based polymers. 

Valida provides some unique additional benefits, including: 

• replacing microplastics with a natural ingredient 

• sustainable and biodegradable 

• moisturising the skin 

imparting a superior skin feel 

• unique texture 

Having passed cosmetics ingredient safety studies covering skin irritation, skin sensitisation, skin blockage, and skin penetration. 

What can Valida bring to the hand sanitiser? 

Traditionally hand sanitisers are clear and transparent gels which contain at least 60% alcohol. Achieving the desired viscosity of sanitising gel can be challenging, and there are only a few thickeners (eg acrylates) that are suitable. The manufacturing process is designed to minimise energy use and avoids the use of harmful process chemicals, thus respecting the environment. Valida is produced by mechanically processing wood-derived fibres to their smallest components, resulting in a dramatically increased surface area and enhanced mechanical, optical, chemical and physical properties. 

When suspended in water, Valida cellulose fibrils form an insoluble 3D network based on hydrogen bonding and mechanical entanglement. This network is the foundation of Valida’s excellent rheology and stabilising functionality. 

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