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SA Leads The Way In Illicit Alcohol

SA Leads The Way In Illicit Alcohol

Illicit alcohol alcohol is a big problem in South Africa and unfortunately SA leads the way on the continent as well.

In SA there are many cultural brews, but illicit alcohol has a very clear definition —
“alcohol that is not intended for human consumption, illegally produced homemade alcohol, and store-bought alcohol that is consumed in a highly criminalized way.”

Global market research company Euromonitor International launched a global study on illicit alcohol. The multi region report compiles findings from 24 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Results show that 26 percent of the total volume of alcohol consumed in these countries is illicit. Out of the 25 countries covered by Euromonitor’s research, Africa has the largest illicit alcohol problem.

Whilst almost double the number of countries were covered in South America, Africans consume double the volumes (in absolute alcohol terms) of illicit alcohol.

Article by Nathan Adams

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