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NOMU Launches Innovative New Sweetener

NOMU Launches Innovative New Sweetener
Venturing into some brand new territory, Cape Town’s NOMU Brands launched a low kilojoule granulated sugar substitute, SWEETLY. Delivering on sweet taste, but without bitterness, SWEETLY is formulated with a blend of non-nutritive sweeteners. Golden in colour, the sugar substitute has a variety of benefits. SWEETLY is recommended for consumers who want to reduce or monitor their sugar intake without comprising on sweet flavour. • A teaspoon of SWEETLY (4.5 g) is equal in sweetness to a regular teaspoon of granulated sugar (5 g). • A stick of SWEETLY contains only five kilojoules compared to 80 kilojoules for one regular teaspoon of granulated sugar. • SWEETLY has a minimal effect on blood glucose levels. It’s endorsed by Diabetes South Africa and carries the DSA logo. SWEETLY is also fully kosher and halaal. • SWEETLY carries the GI Foundation SA green Frequent Foods logo and is approved as a Low GI product. • SWEETLY is tooth-friendly, ie doesn’t contribute towards tooth decay. SWEETLY is available in 400g pouch or in 36 x 4.5 g sachet box. For more information on Nomu Brands (Pty) Ltd, visit at

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