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Bernini launches a delicious new variant for summer

Bernini launches a delicious new variant for summer

Bernini’s latest variant, Amber, takes its inspiration from the growing orange wine trend. 

In true trendsetting style Bernini, the natural sparkling grape frizzantè that embodies a spontaneous, exuberant zest for life, proudly introduces Amberthe delicious new addition to their range of ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages that takes its inspiration from the growing orange wine trend.

Bernini Amber has touched down and is set to be the hottest trend in the summer. It’s the perfect drink for women who enjoy life with style and flair – those who are ready to glow at a moment’s notice. Style, confidence and glam is what this delicious new lifestyle drink is all about. Amber is the perfect drink for our ‘Glow Getter’- her reward for working hard and going for her goals and dreams. 

It’s the drink she pours at any occasion, and the perfect addition to ‘Glow Hour’ to enjoy while she relaxes with her girls. It’s the new member of the squad. Amber is sunshine in a bottle – with a light yet complex sparkling wine taste, sweet and fruity with a delicate amber colour and frizzantè bubbles. Amber is best served chilled at “Glow Hour” while living it up with your squad.

This naturally sweet sparkling grape frizzantè bubbles with premium appeal, perfectly completes the premium Bernini RTD range – currently available in three variants – Classic, Blush and Ruby Berry.

Bernini is uniquely the only grape-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand in the market that is produced using only the finest quality ingredients.

Amber is available to purchase at leading liquor outlets across the country. To join the conversation on social media, visit the Bernini Facebook page or follow Bernini on Instagram @BerniniSA and Twitter @BerniniSA.

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