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Autograph Signet Gin

Autograph Signet Gin

Award-winning craft gin brand Autograph Gin has released Signet, a premium addition to the Autograph family.

This contemporary-style gin in its apothecary-inspired bottle is only available in limited quantities, 20 of which are adorned with a distressed bronze grip as its stopper.

The sculptural crown atop the bottle of Signet has been exclusively designed for Autograph by Stellenbosch-based artist Jacques Buys.

It was made through the lost wax or investment casting process, in which the cork head was sculpted with clay and the focal areas of the piece were covered with the artist’s hand and fingerprints. 

That means the bronze work is moulded so that one’s hand can grasp the stopper seamlessly, making these particular bottles of Signet Gin ideal for collectors of premium craft products.

Signet Gin is a blend of African honeybush and green rooibos tea that is gently lead by top notes of hibiscus. 

The mid-palate finds a velvet mouthfeel provided by subtle and fragrant fynbos oils. 

Nuances of confetti bush are contrasted by the sharp citrusy buchu. It’s designed to be sipped neat, or on the rocks.

Autograph Signet Gin is sold at Autograph Distillery in Stellenbosch and at selected liquor outlets, including 

Bar Keeper Liquor Store (Cape Town), Claremont Liquors (Cape Town), Wine Village (Hermanus), Dry Dock Liquors (Johannesburg) and Craft Cartel (Johannesburg).

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